Patient Education

Below you will find important key resources for patients with cirrhosis and their families.

Before discharge from hospital, patients should:
  1. be given a printed version of the handout. The QR code on the handout will take them to this website where they can find more information.
  2. watch the 2 discharge videos
  3. watch the complication videos that apply to them. If they want to watch all 3, great!


1. Patient Care Handout

Click the image below to print.

2. Discharge Videos

These 2 videos are important for anyone who has (or wants to learn about) cirrhosis. They cover the basics of common complications, self-management and what to watch for.

Before discharge from hospital, watch these 2 videos.

What is cirrhosis

Living with cirrhosis


3. Complication Videos

These 3 videos include more information about common cirrhosis complications.

Before discharge from hospital, watch the videos that cover any complications you’ve had, or are interested in learning more about.

Ascites and Pleural effusion

Hepatic encephalopathy