See more info on the 2013 NEJM Restrictive Transfusion paper

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See more information on the 2013 NEJM Restrictive Transfusion paper

921 patients with acute upper GI bleeding randomized to restrictive strategy for transfusion when Hb < 7 g/dL (70 g/L) versus liberal strategy when Hb fell below 9 g/dL (90 g/L)

  • Included 277 patients with cirrhosis
  • Child Pugh A/B patients randomized to the restrictive strategy group had a significantly higher survival
  • Child Pugh C no difference in survival (likely as a result of their high overall mortality).
  • Relevant exclusion criteria - massive exsanguinating bleeding, an acute coronary syndrome; within the past 90 days a history of symptomatic peripheral vasculopathy, stroke, transient ischemic attack or transfusion; recent history of trauma or surgery; lower gastrointestinal bleeding
  • PMID 23281973