EMR Tutorials

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Admitting a patient

Learn how to admit a patient from the emergency department, including accessing and favouriting the admission navigator and accessing admission order sets. You will also learn how to admit a patient directly from the clinic.

Navigating the inpatient chart

Walk-through the inpatient chart and learn how to access the storyboard, chart review navigator, and summary navigator. Also learn about launching Netcare within Connect Care!

Creating consult note

Learn how to create consult notes using text boxes, Dragon, or smartphrases. You will also find a step-by-step guide to accessing smartphrase templates, customizing smartphrase templates, and favouriting them for future use!

Creating patient lists

Learn how to locate your patient list and pull from RAAPID & Hepatology/GI consult and inpatient ward patient lists!

Creating and sharing lists

Learn how to create and customize your own patient lists, add patients to existing lists, and share these lists with your colleagues. You will also find information about creating a reminder list with date and time specifications!

Writing handoff notes

Learn how to write handoff notes, including a summary of the patient and pending tasks!

Getting access to already created note templates

How to “steal” already created note templates from other users – a focus on templates for new patient consults, discharge summaries and follow-up notes on inpatients and outpatients.


Cirrhosis Admission Order Set

Learn how to access, favourite, and use the Cirrhosis Admission Order Set, including adapting and ordering panels!

Cirrhosis Paracentesis Order Set

Learn how to order a paracentesis, including guidance, opportunities for specifying maximums, and best practices for communicating with nursing care teams!

Cirrhosis Paracentesis Order Set – Personalize your order set

Learn how to personalize and favourite order sets to save you time!


Discharging a patient

Cirrhosis Discharge Order Set

Learn how to access discharge order sets, including the Cirrhosis Discharge order set, including: guidance for adding patient education from Cirrhosis Care to the after visit summary, providing follow-up patient information, and communicating with primary care!


Outpatient Paracentesis Therapy Plan

Learn how to order paracentesis for your outpatients, including location, frequency, nursing communications, etiology analysis, and guidance for customizing orders following drainage!

Access the following cirrhosis care handouts:

Cirrhosis basics

Click the image below to open/print.

Eating Well with Cirrhosis

Click the image below to open/print.

Learn how to prescribe education to your patients directly to their inbox: Education referral