When to Make Plans

Making plans can be an uncomfortable moment for you and your loved ones. However, it may be helpful to think of an Advanced Care Plan as a gift, not only for you but for your loved ones. If you are a healthy individual or if you have been diagnosed with an illness, it is important to make your wishes known. For your loved ones having a plan can ease a lot of stress when making decisions about your health care and your belongings when you are unable to speak for yourself. Having these difficult decisions ahead of time can save a lot of stress in the long term. For some people talking about death can be an awkward and difficult thing. It is important to remember that death is inevitable, and we will all eventually pass away or move on, depending on your personal or spiritual beliefs.

It is important whether you have been diagnosed with an illness or your health is deteriorating, that you make a plan and make your wishes known early. If you start early you can do research and leave time to think about different options to ensure you have discussed things with those important to you.  We have linked some great resources on the right-hand side of this page. Take your time exploring these sources and begin to think about your wishes and desires at the end of your life. We also suggest exploring these sources with a loved one so they can support you as you begin to think about your life and health.

When you are ready to make plans or start discussing your wishes at the end of your life, talk to your family doctor. They can provide documents you need to make your wishes known and guide you as you begin to think about options.


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